Our compensation plan has a potential
of unlimited Residual Income

While using our powerful marketing tools in your own business, you can also build an additional revenue stream by referring new customers to GDO. Your Potential Customers are Internet Marketers, Hotels, Publishers, Real Estate Agents, Home Based Businesses, Consultants, Sports Clubs, Religious Groups, Entertainers, etc. They all have a need to communicate more effectively within their organization or increase customers engagement.

You will pick up 100% commission (after all expenses deducted) on our Marketing Tools Suite basic package. Total cost to consumer is $10 (Plus $2.50 Tax & processing fee) per month. So, every paying customer/reseller you have in your downline, you will receive $10 every single month as long as customer will stay.

Only one downline customer/reseller can pretty much make you break-even of your own monthly cost. And Only two downline customers can set you on Profit. Pretty Exciting stuff, isn't it?

Now, rather than paying straight commission, we made some twist. We developed a new revolutionary compensation plan, we call it Hybrid Odd-UP system. It allows you to earn Residual Leveraged Income.

Hybrid Odd-UP Comp Plan in Detail

Hybrid Odd-up structure means you keep 1st and 2nd referral. From 3rd referral forward, all Odd/Uneven referrals (3rd, 5th, 7th,...) will be passed up to to your sponsor. All Even (4th, 6th, 8th,...) referrals will be assigned to you.

Now, you may be saying that I am losing so many referrals and benefiting on only 50% of my whole effort. But please keep reading, We guarantee you that you will be excited when you finished reading!

Now, Real Magic Happens when you as a Sponsor. You are now receiving Odd/Uneven Referrals from your fixed direct referrals. You just don't stop there, but you keep receiving Odd/Uneven Referrals from your Odd/Uneven Referrals. This goes on and on down to Infinity!

So, this is called EXPLOSION. You will be receiving members from your downline width as well as depth to Infinity!

Have you identified two biggest benefits of our comp plan? Well, the first one is that you quickly Break-Even so you start profiting quickly. And second is that you can have Unlimited Income Potential.

It even gets better due to our Easy Recruiting System

Do you lack skills and expertise in Traffic Generation, sales and Customer Acquisition? Or you don't have Personal Brand or Credibility and that affects you getting more signups?

No Problem! You can leverage the Expertise, Experience and Credibility of other experts in our organisation and get lots of customers/members into your downline who will generate Residual Commission for you. This is ground Breaking because this service is like a boon for newbies or less competent people.

This is how it works. You just drive traffic to the system, we call it Easy Recruiting System. You either do free advertising or paid advertising (we will teach you those methods). If you do not have time for that (if you have a job or other commitments), then you can let us do that paid advertising for you as per our Advertising Coop program. The real magic begins now. Because of the traffic that you drive, you will get leads. And Then company will kick in. Company will follow-up with those leads via email, social media, telephone (if possible) and do all the Selling and Recruiting for you. If anyone upgrades from your leads, you will get credit!

This way company handles all the selling and telling and recruiting for you! All you have to do is just to drive traffic and rest will be taken care by the company!

This our compensation plan IS just what eveyone's looking for now because of the financial instability around
the world. Built with an extremely low price to suite today's economy, we are already in many countries.
So, GDO is truly the "answer to prayers" for many people...

This Income Opportunity/Affiliate Program is exclusively for our paying customers. Therefore, the best way to get involved in this opportunity is first to become our customer. Use our services and then resell them to others. Thus, just get your Reseller account Below!